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Aug 17, 2021

Hey, It’s Karen again.  I had a great experience last week that I want to share with you!  I participated in ‘test cruise’ with Norwegian Cruise Lines to give a big kick off to WELCOME BACK TO CRUISING!

It has been 23 months since cruise lines have delighted us with their comfortable accommodations,  delightful dining, enticing entertainment and the bonus of a brand-new port of call each morning.  As the world is hoping to whisk the ugly memories of COVID-19 behind and embrace our inner Gypsy,  there are new restrictions and requirements that have to be endured.

norwegian cruise lines

One of the big changes I first encountered is going paperless!  Cruise Lines have fantastic apps for download, you can upload your photo for security, add all of your information for on line check in.  You are required to make a reservation for port arrival time to avoid the crowds and allow time for your pre cruise COVID testing.  On top of that you are able to purchase all of the shore excursions, make spa appointments, dining reservations, etc.   The shutdown for most travel allowed time for AMAZING technology to assist us all!

cruise norwegian app

Each employee of NCL is completely vaccinated as well as each one of the Cruise Line’s guests.   As another layer of security, each guest is also required to take a mandatory COVID test before embarkation. 

norwegian cruise line employee holding up peace signs

Testing is done in a separate location from the cruise pier and results are given within 30 minutes.
Once you receive your results you are given a wrist band, cleared for travel and directed to the cruise pier.  All of this is done in under an hour of your vacation time!

All of the testing behind me and it is time for VACAY!!

ncl testing room

Goodbye Seattle …

seattle skyline
Good Morning Ketchikan!

To inquire more about the new cruising experience, or to book your next cruise, contact Karen Barton at (405) 463-5822 or Karen@JourneyHouse.com.