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Mary Anne Lucas


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  • Name: Mary Anne Lucas
  • Title: President
  • Hometown: Dallas, TX
  • Years of experience in the travel field: 8 years
  • Destinations you have visited: 31 US States, Mexico, Canada, British Virgin Islands, Australia, Bahamas, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, Puerto Rico, Scotland, Spain, Vatican City.  Next on the list:  Tanzania, Brazil, Argentina and Peru.
  • Favorite destination (so far): Kenya
  • Favorite sayings or traditions from destinations you’ve visited: Jambo!
  • Favorite thing about cruising: River is my favorite way to see multiple cities and countries, with easy access to the heart of each city and you only unpack once!
  • Favorite thing about tours: There’s nothing like having a storyteller accompany you to a foreign country. There is not one wasted minute, as you see all of the incredible sights, while also getting the history and folklore shared by a local as you go .
  • Best travel tip: Be flexible and try to embrace new ways of life and cultures with an open mind. Also, take your kids to travel when you can…travel is the best classroom you can ask for!
  • Favorite thing about your job: Helping  clients make unforgettable memories!

    Riley Fitzhugh

    Owner & CEO

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    Riley T Fitzhugh, President and Owner of Journey House Travel,  has had a life long career in the travel industry and serving his community..  He began his career in 1964 with American Airlines, where he would enjoy a 34 year tenure in Sales with the company, working in the Dallas, San Francisco, and Oklahoma City marketplaces. He retired from American Airlines in 1998 only to  become President of Journey House Travel just 60  days later.

    In his 20+ years with Journey House, he has grown the company to provide unmatched customer service for leisure, corporate and group travelers with offices in Oklahoma CIty, Tulsa, Norman, and Dallas. He has maneuvered the company through tumultuous economic climates, such as 9/11,  and expanded its client base to global levels.  Riley prides himself in creating a culture of autonomy, growth and support among his staff, which in turn translates to a top-notch customer service experience for Journey House’s clients.  

    Riley believes in actively supporting his community, whom he has served through time on the  Lyric Theater Board of Directors, National Cowboy Heritage Museum Board of Directors, the Endowment Board of his Church,   the Turtle Creek Association Advisory Board in Dallas, and many more.  His passion for serving people continues to drive the success of Journey House and  the service provided to its clientele.

    Teresa Wilds

    Vice President

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    1. Name:  Teresa Wilds
    2. Title: Vice President
    3. Specialty:  Corporate Travel Management, Leisure Group Travel
    4. Hometown: Okarche, OK
    5. Years of experience in the travel field: 38
    6. Destinations you have visited:  6 continents, too many countries to list.
    7. Favorite destination (so far):  Australia
    8. Favorite sayings or traditions from destinations you’ve visited:  Share your smile with the world.
    9. Favorite thing about cruising:  Visiting multiple ports without unpacking.
    10. Favorite thing about tours:  Exploring and experiencing the culture of the destination.
    11. Best travel tip:  Pack light.  Although I rarely do myself.
    12. Hobbies in your free time:  Spending time with family and friends.
    13. Favorite thing about your job: Visiting with clients and supporting our Journey House team.

    Jennifer Burris

    Chief Financial Officer

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    1. Name:  Jennifer Burris
    2. Title: Accounting Manager
    3. Specialty:  Accounting
    4. Hometown: Bethany, OK
    5. Years of experience in the travel field: How about accounting experience instead since I am new to the travel world? 25 years in the accounting world…
    6. Destinations you have visited:  Sadly, I have never left the US but hoping to change that soon!
    7. Favorite sayings or traditions from destinations you’ve visited:  Be present in the moment!
    8. Best travel tip: Check out the locals favorites
    9. Hobbies in your free time:  Spending time with family and friends.
    10. Favorite thing about your job: The people & the fun travel stories without a doubt!

    Karen Barton

    Travel Specialist

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    1. Name:  Karen Barton
    2. Title:  Vacation Designer
    3. Specialty:  Independent European Travel,  Destination Weddings and Bucket List Trips
    4. Hometown:  Oklahoma City
    5. Years of experience in the travel field:   36
    6. Certifications:  Many destination specialist certifications, Cruise line and tour operator designations.  
    7. Destinations you have visited:    Greece, Turkey, Scotland, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, France, the Netherlands,  Indonesia, Australia, South Africa, Most Mexico beach destinations and several Caribbean Islands.  Most all of the US including Hawaii.
    8. Favorite destination (so far):  South Africa
    9. Favorite sayings or traditions from destinations you’ve visited:  Laissez les bons temps rouler!   
    10. Favorite thing about cruising:  Several destinations in only one vacation
    11. Favorite thing about tours:  Gaining the knowledge that is passed on from excellent tour directors.
    12. Best travel tip:  Always try to speak the language of your destination, even if it you botch it,  the locals appreciate your efforts.
    13. Hobbies in your free time:  I am a grandmother…
    14. Favorite thing about your job:  I love making wishes come true, dreams a reality and making memories of travel that last a lifetime.

    Robert Scoles

    Travel Specialist

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    1. Name: Robert Scoles
    2. Title: Travel Consultant
    3. Specialty: Air Travel, International Business Travel
    4. Hometown: OKC
    5. Years of experience in the travel field: 26
    6. Certifications: Allianz Global Assistance, Palace Resorts Specialist
    7. Destinations you have visited: Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Hawaii, Maui, Honolulu, Costa Rica,  Nassau, St Thomas
    8. Favorite destination (so far): Any of them where I can hear the ocean.
    9. Favorite thing about cruising: Waking up in a new destination
    10. Favorite thing about tours: having all the logistics taken care of
    11. Best travel tip: cross pack so that if one of your bags is lost, you still have something to wear. 
    12. Hobbies in your free time: reading, cooking
    13. Favorite thing about your job: The relationship with my clients and knowing their needs so well that they no longer need to mention them.

    Marta Valle

    OKC Office Manager

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    1. Name:  Marta Valle                             
    2. Title:  Account Manager
    3. Specialty:  Corporate Travel, Sports Group Travel.
    4. Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK    
    5. Years of experience in the travel field: 32 years
    6. Favorite destination (so far): Bangkok, Thailand and Valencia, Spain 
    7. Favorite thing about cruising:  Unlimited food
    8. Best travel tip: Always be aware of your surroundings.
    9. Hobbies in your free time: Painting, cooking and feeding my friends.

    Martha Glore


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    • Name: Martha Glore
    • Title: Accounting Admin
    • Hometown: Oklahoma City
      • Destinations you have visited: just different states in the United States
      • Favorite destination (so far): Disney World with the grandbabies
      • Favorite sayings or traditions from destinations you’ve visited:
      • Best travel tip: Don’t forget your kindle (or book)
      • Favorite thing about your job: The people at Journey House have been very welcoming!
      • Office Contact information: 405-463-5816

      Lori Higgins

      Travel Specialist/Marketing

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      Kate Sebrant

      Business Development/ Account Manager

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      • Name: Kate Sebrant


      • Title: Business Development / Account Manager


      • Hometown: Fremont, CA


      • Years of experience in the travel field: 32


      • Destinations you have visited: London, Italy, France, Spain, Hawaii, Alaska, Bermuda, Belize, many Caribbean ports from Cruising.


      • Favorite destination (so far): Not really a destination, – Cruising anywhere


      • Favorite thing about cruising: Hit many different places but only have to unpack once.


      • Best travel tip: Don’t overpack or overthink, just enjoy


      • Favorite thing about your job: Being out and about calling on accounts and meeting new people





      Carl Higgins

      Corporate Agent

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      • Name: Carl Higgins
      • Title: Travel Consultant
      • Hometown: OKC
      • Destinations you have visited: Las Vegas, Caribbean, Central America
      • Favorite destination (so far): Las Vegas
      • Favorite thing about cruising: The food and destinations
      • Best travel tip: Be in the moment and ENJOY!
      • Favorite thing about your job: Helping people de-stress   
      • Office Contact information:  405-463-5824

      Nanci Dietz

      Corporate Agent

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      • Name: Nanci Dietz
      • Title: Travel Specialist
      • Hometown: Oklahoma City
      • Years of experience in the travel field: 12
      • Destinations you have visited: Great Britain, Jamaica, Bahamas, Grenada, St. Lucia, Barbados, St. Thomas, St. John, Cancun, Acapulco, Cabo San Lucas, San Juan, Alaska, and multiple other US destinations
      • Favorite destination (so far): Alaska
      • Favorite thing about cruising: Seeing multiple destinations while being able to take advantage of all the luxuries offered on-board the ship.
      • Favorite thing about tours:  Your vacation is planned out for you.  You know you’re experiencing all the must-sees, creating the best memories possible. 
      • Best travel tip: Travel as light as possible. 
      • Favorite thing about your job:  Building rapport with clients while gaining their trust to ensure that they are confident their travel needs are being met.     
      • Office Contact information: (405) 463-5800 – Main 

                                       (405) 463-5827 – Direct (Thurs & Fri only)

      Eric Woodell

      Corporate Agent

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      Name: Eric L Woodell
      Title: Corporate Travel Agent
      Hometown: Allen, OK
      Years of experience in the travel field: New to travel

      Office Contact information:  405-463-5814

          Sherri Avants

          Administrative Assistant

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          Name: Sherri Avants

          Title: Administrative Assistant

          Hometown: Humboldt TN

          Destinations you have visited: I have traveled to many different states, however, I have never traveled outside of the US, hoping to plan a Europe trip Summer of 2027 for daughters’ graduation.

          Favorite destination (so far): New York is my favorite place to visit

          Favorite thing about cruising: Have never been on a cruise but planning a Bahama Cruise in March 2023. I LOVE the ocean!

          Favorite thing about tours: I love to learn about the different cultures and explore new places and things.

          Best travel tip: be patient and kind in all circumstances

          Favorite thing about your job: meeting new people and learning new skills.


          Office Contact information: 405-463-5825

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