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Want to Save Your Company Money? We CONCUR!

Aug 20, 2020

Remember your best dining experience? Arrive at the restaurant, being led to your own table buy wait staff that was so happy to see you.  You sit down, napkin unfolded and gently laid on your lap.  The waiter is ready to satisfy all of your dining wishes.   Your wine glass is never empty, your meal is prepared exactly to your specification.   Appetizers,  salads, entrée, deserts .. Ahhhh..   This full-service treatment is wonderful.   Little to no effort on your part.

Now let’s move on to life with COVID-19.   Most things in our lives have become little to NO touch transactions.   Curbside (that will be in Webster’s dictionary before too long)   You can still order what you prefer, have a great meal, no frills.  A little more effort on your part is required for this dining experience..

Fast food!  We all love it.  It has become totally touchless now.   Order from a preselected meal, pay, leave.  You got in, you got out, very affordable!  You can have this whole experience now without touching a human and also without any human contact.

These choices are what we use in our lives to fulfill a need, whether it is full-service pampering, a quick bit of assistance or no human contact at all.  

We feel that you should have these choices in your travel plans as well.  You can call or come into our office, sit with a professional travel expert.  Shop, search and plan your journey with an agent.  Just like a fine dining experience, you are hand held and led to your experience.

With the onset of COVID-19 we realize travel is at its very lowest right now and we know companies are looking at ways to cut costs and save money.

Now we are able to offer you two more choices to help,.  

We have an Online Booking Tool called SAP CONCUR that will reduce agency service fees.  This is our user friendly tool that guides the travelers or travel arrangers to experience a booking process most convenient for them Online or through a Mobile device and we continue to give you personalized travel agent support via phone and emails.

Whether your business travel program is managed, unmanaged, or somewhere in between, SAP Concur the tools and extensive network of travel suppliers needed to help organizations of all sizes reach their travel and expense goals — no matter what they may be.

  • Capture all travel and spend data, no matter where it’s booked
  • See consolidated travel data on a single dashboard
  • Easily book air, hotel, and car in one online booking tool. 
  • Make policy compliance easy for employees

If you are interested in learning more about CONCUR for your companies travel, please contact our Accounts Manager, Kate Sebrant, at Kate@journeyhouse.com or 405-463-5883. We will be happy to arrange a demo in person or via Zoom with our CONCUR Specialist.