American Express Pacesetter Award

Every year American Express recognizes the accomplishments of its top performers in both sales and support for the Consumer Travel Network. The Pacesetters represent the top 5 percent of American Express Consumer Travel Network’s selling advisors and agencies.  This includes sales representatives from American Express’ wholly owned subsidiary and members of the U.S. Representative Network agencies.

2020 marks 7 years in a row that Journey House Travel has been awarded Pacesetter, and Karen Barton’s 7th award.  Usually, the winners are sent on a fabulous trip somewhere around the world to experience the destination and be recognized for their accomplishments.  2020 was a bit different with COVID-19, so we want to make sure we recognize Karen and all the winners this year.  They are the best of the best and we are proud to be part of this elite group.  Congratulations Karen for 7 years of amazing service to our clients, customer, family and friends.


Karen has been able to experience many lifechanging destinations.  Africa is very high on that list of life changing experiences.
Journey House is here to help you create your Life Changing experiences.  Call us and we can find the destination of your dreams.