The History of Journey House Travel

Founded in 1938, Journey House has grown by combining exceptional service with leading edge technology to meet the needs of our expanding customer base. We have survived the constant changes in our industry by adapting to the changing environment and by coming up with innovative solutions to the many challenges. We have been successful because we have always maintained our focus on clients needs.

In recent years, we have experienced accelerated growth. In 1998, we acquired the business (and valuable employees) of the Travel Shoppe in the Medical Center area of Oklahoma City. During 2000, we again expanded our customer base and staff by acquiring Carefree Travel in Norman. Strategic acquisitions remain part of our plans for continued growth in the future.

Because of our long history and increasing volume, we have developed solid relationships with the various travel providers. Our purchasing power gives us the clout to get better rates and discounts, preferred seat assignments, etc. which translate into better value for our clients. In order to expand these benefits, we have long been a  part of the American Express Travel Representative Network. This means even more discounts and access to more services around the world.

While we are proud of our history, we are even more excited about our future. We intend to use our extensive experience and financial strength to pursue new opportunities to expand and improve our services. Our mission is to continue to provide our clients with the highest and most consistent standards of quality service available.